Thank You For Coming…Again. Once Is Enough.

April 19, 2014

I am very recently married, just this weekend and as we are not going on a honeymoon for several months want to get my thank you’s out quickly. I know everyone who got us a gift/gave us a card (with money or not) gets a thank you card.  I am wondering about the rest of […]

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Dress Code Decoded

April 18, 2014

Yes, I’m going to do a big no-no and direct readers away from this site to another one. But the definitions of wedding dress code are so good, it had to be shared.    So, next time you are confused as to what exact to wear to a “Black Tie Optional” wedding or what “causal dressy” […]

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Thank You For Coming To My Wedding

April 8, 2014

While my husband and I were completing thank you cards for our wedding, my husband recalled a wedding he attended 4 years ago. Instead of thank you cards, the Groom sent out a mass text message to his guests the day after his wedding, stating something along the lines of, “Thanks everyone for coming out, […]

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Save The Dates, Shower Invites and Evites

April 7, 2014

My question is in regards to invitation etiquette. While I’ve spent most of my life in the States, I haven’t been invited to many weddings, so I don’t really know wedding etiquette that well. Plus, my culture is different from the US, so that makes things more complicated. I recently received two e-vites–one was a […]

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Catching Those Mistakes Early

April 4, 2014

I wanted to share a story that still makes me cringe when I think about it. And the faults were entirely mine. Doing our own wedding planning, DH and I tried to make everything as efficient as possible. As part of it, we ended up addressing our invitation envelopes (no names on the invitations) together […]

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Tracking The Elusive Gift Giver

March 26, 2014

I have a question that would most likely be at home on the Hells Bells site that hopefully you or your readers will be able to help me out with. I recently got married at the beginning of this month, and thanks to my extensive reading of your site, hopefully we didn’t commit any blunders […]

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Keeping The Shower Donations Leashed

March 25, 2014

I saw the following (names have been changed) attached to a bridal shower invitation my mother received. We both agreed it was tacky, and she wasn’t sure how she would proceed, but said I could run it past the eHellions for their opinion. I thought it took entitlement and solicitation to a whole new level. […]

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There Is A Right Kind of Toast And A Wrong Kind

March 20, 2014

I simply love the site! This story happened a few years ago, at my cousins wedding reception. After dinner the toasts came up, and it was the MOH’s turn. She proceeded to tell us about the time the bride and groom went out and got drunk! Apparently the groom was approached by a “lady of […]

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Food Assignments For Reception (Or “My Guests Are My Caterers….Not”)

February 25, 2014

I am hoping that you could help me out with how to deal with a very strange wedding. A friend of mine is getting married at the end of March. He and his fiance have just issued an open invitation via Facebook, linking to their website with all the wedding details. The website has details […]

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Cancelling The Wedding Vicariously

February 14, 2014

This is actually an article from the BBC in which a woman was so jealous of her brother’s fiancee she called the Register Office to cancel the ceremony. However, this landed her in jail for 8 weeks. She claimed she just wanted to distress the bride, not her brother. (Oh boy.) Not only did she […]

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