Who pays for what?

by admin on September 3, 2007

If you choose a traditional approach to the financial division of expenses, the following guidelines should help you.  Remember, these are guidelines only.  Families and the bridal couple can reach their own arrangements among themselves for division of expenses. 

Traditional Expenses of the Bride and Her Family

Bridal consultant/coordinator
Invitations and announcements
Bride’s wedding gown and accessories
Floral decorations for ceremony and reception, bridesmaids’ flowers, bride’s bouquet
Wedding photography and videography
Music for ceremony and reception
Transportation of bridal party to and from the ceremony
All reception expenses
Bride’s gifts to her attendants
Bride’s gift to groom
Bridesmaids Luncheon
Groom’s wedding ring
Cost of musicians/soloists
A traffic officer, if necessary
Transportation of bridal party to reception
Transportation and accommodations expenses for officiant if from another town and if asked to officiate by bride’s family
Accommodations for bride’s attendants if they live out of town of the wedding
Traditional Expenses of the Groom and His Family

Bride’s engagement and wedding rings
Groom’s gifts to his attendants
Groom’s gift to his bride
Ties and gloves for his attendants if not part of the tux rental package
Bride’s going away corsage
Boutonnieres for groom’s attendants
Corsages for immediate family members of both sides (unless bride has included them in her florist order)
Officiant’s fee or honorarium
Transportation and accommodations expenses of officiant, if from another town and invited by the groom’s family to officiate
Marriage license
Transportation for groom and best man to the ceremony
Honeymoon expenses
All costs of rehearsal dinner
Accommodations of groom’s attendants
Bachelor dinner, if he wishes to give one
Transportation and lodging expenses for the groom’s family

Purchase of clothing and all accessories
Transportation to and from city where wedding is held
Contribution for a gift from all the bridesmaids to the bride
An individual gift to the couple (assuming being in the wedding is not the gift)
Optionally, a shower for the bride

Ushers/Best Man’s Expenses

Rental of wedding attire
Transportation to and from city where wedding takes place
Contribution to gift from all the groom’s attendants to groom
An individual gift to the couple (assuming being in the wedding is not the gift)
A bachelor dinner, if given by the groom’s attendants

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