Google Your Vendor!

by admin on January 7, 2008

Before you sign a contract and pay the security deposit, do some investigative detective work into the reputation of the vendor, particularly DJs, photographers and videographers.  Slick advertising, even good talent, can hide an unpleasant reality that your prospective vendor has an unsavory reputation for extremely unprofessional behavior online, or worse, has a well deserved reputation for clients desperately trying to get what they paid for.

The first place to research is the Better Business Bureau online at  In addition to searching for the business name, also try searching for the vendor’s name.

Next try Googling the vendor’s name and narrowing your search to their occupation, i.e.  John Doe photographer.  Further narrow the search, if necessary, by location and be sure to search google groups, blogs and even news articles.

Third, search the archives of major wedding related sites for any mention of your prospective vendor.   Searching in professional vendor association sites, assuming you can gain access, is another avenue to try.

If you’ve found information on your prospective vendor that would indicate an unprofessional, even fraudulent approach to customer service, don’t make the mistake many people do in believing they will somehow be immune from being treated the same way.   That kind of dissociation from reality can cost thousands of dollars and leave you with no images of your wedding day.   Run very fast away from vendors with any unresolved complaint on their BBB file or who have clients who actually took the time to track them down online to complain of poor service. 

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