All Flushed About Getting Married

by admin on November 30, 2011

  This is a story I’ve wanted to share for a while. It made me laugh pretty hard when I heard it. Hopefully my grandmother doesn’t get cast into E-Hell flames for her actions!My grandmother, living on her own after the death of my grandfather, lives in a trailer park. I see nothing wrong with this and neither does she – it’s affordable for her, and the space is just big enough. Anyway, her next door neighbors at the time were getting married. They opted to have a “backyard” wedding which is also fine. Except that their altar was set up three feet from my grandmother’s trailer. In a most unfortunate twist of events, the room it was right outside was her bathroom.

Well, I guess the temptation became too much for my grandmother. She watched the ceremony through her window and, just as the officiant pronounced them husband and wife… you guessed it. She flushed her toilet. Apparently it was very well heard by the wedding party.

I’m torn. On one hand, I’m embarrassed that my grandmother would interrupt someone’s wedding in such a vulgar way. On the other hand, if you don’t want to hear a toilet flushing during your vows, maybe don’t put your altar right outside someone’s bathroom! Either way, I have to admit that I laughed when she told me the story.  1129-11

I’m afraid I cannot give your grandmother a “Get Out Of Ehell” pass nor do I think readers will be very merciful in their comments.    What Grandmom did was not “shallow stupid”  such as accidentally flushing the toilet only to realize, too late, that there was a wedding ceremony in full swing right outside the bathroom window.  No, Grandmom did a full twisting triple gainer dive off the diving board of decency right into Deep Stupid by intentionally timing her flush to coincide with pronouncement of “husband and wife”.    Good heavens, does she have a good neighbor death wish?  Because that probably did not score any brownie points with her close neighbors and their family.  Just dumb, dumb, dumb on several fronts.

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lkb December 2, 2011 at 10:57 am

Lesson learned: There is always another side of the story. With this extra information, I can see why Grandma felt compelled to do this as it seems she has the neighbors from h—. I wish it was mentioned in the original post about how bad these neighbors were..

I agree with your summing up and hope things have settled down in Grandma’s neighborhood.


grumpy_otter December 3, 2011 at 1:19 pm

I guess I must join Grandma in etiquette hell because I thought it was hilarious! Dumping water on the couple would have been awful–flushing a toilet? C’mon!


TM June 19, 2012 at 10:39 pm

Agreed! It all makes sense with the backstory that was added by OP, but even so, I’m a little surprised at the level of outrage here. Maybe it’s having been to outdoor weddings in community gardens in Manhattan where random noise is unavoidable, or having been to plenty of weddings where things go wrong (balloons in the church vestibule popping after hitting the lights, sounding like gunshots in the surrounding high crime neighborhood) but I cracked up at the toilet flush to start with.

Grandma needs to find a seniors trailer park. My dad lived in one, and it was wonderfully quiet and well kept.


Circuitdruid April 26, 2012 at 12:16 pm

Now, I really think that the passive negligently disrespectful attitude of the neighbors in question might have fleshed out this story a little better. With that addition, I have to say I’m In favor of cheeky grandma. I know I know, throw the rotten fruit Ill take it. It was certainly not polite of her, probably not very nice, but there is a certain sort of logic to it.

I don’t think it is really as actively harmful people have been implying. Sure it might have been a little off-putting and upsetting at first, but any event venue has risks. If Grandma had not noticed it is very likely that the incident would have occurred, with perhaps less perfect but still likely comedic timing. Putting the alter against another’s house (And apparently on her property) , without politely letting her know before hand left a huge risk of a sound incursion from that house, even with a little old lady living in there. It might have been the radio, a phone-call any other number of things easily heard within close proximity of a thin walled house. If they had let her know she could have officially ‘kept the noise down’ for the event. while the event was admittedly deliberate, it did not exceed the risk cause by poor planning on their part.

It is not cruel to let people (especially those we might not be fond of) learn from their own mistakes. I had a cat once who would bite on cables, and would carefully shoo it out every time, then one day, tired of this I just turned the appliance on (At this point a particularly noisy coffee bean grinder). Yeh it was a really mean thing to do, but that cat learned a good lesson. It was nature running its course… eventual something bad would have happened, but I did tweak the odds just a little to make the lesson a little more safe for my cat.

Knowing that the couple were disrespectful of boundaries and neighbors, one can imagine doing such a thing not so much as a vindictive act, but as a slightly cool hearted passive lesson in respecting the space and life of your neighbors. Letting their own incursion without thought or respect for a neighbor (apparently a reoccurring event) cause them minor discomfort in a way that it would occur naturally, simply with the odds slightly tweaked in granns favor. Was it inappropriate and a little bit naughty? yes. I cant say I would have done it, but she was well within her rights (not just legal ones, but personal ones. Expecting one not to flush a toilet, or make noises in their house without at least mentioning it is ridiculous.) It was a passive way to prod back at incredibly disrespectful neighbors (leaving party rubbish in a joint yard is most inexcusable), and it was done in a way that cheekily gets around culpability.

So yes, I believe it was impolite, and I would never advocate using impoliteness to get back at ones neighbors, but there is something to be said for letting cause and effect run its course, and if we tip the scales a little on the odds of the effect… impolite, but perhaps not terribly so.


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