Jesus Gandara, Ehell’s Father of The Year

by admin on April 4, 2011

Sweetwater Superintendent Jesus Gandara hosted a bridal shower for his daughter at a Bonita restaurant this month, inviting contractors who stood to benefit from his decision-making on district business.

The invitation, which indicated a money tree would be available, was also extended to employees who work for Gandara.

Gandara, along with three Sweetwater Union High School District board members who attended the March 5 event, said they saw nothing wrong with inviting district contractors to such an occasion.

When asked about the solicitation of gifts or cash for his daughter, who lives in Texas, Gandara said he was sharing a personal moment with the community he represents.

“Many of them may not know my daughter personally, but they have come to support my family’s happiness,” Gandara said.

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A reader sent me the link to this news article because it’s such a good example of Etiquette In the News and the public faux pas of the famous.    The quoted experts in business ethics explain the dilemma quite well from a political viewpoint, i.e. wow, this was really dumb because of the perceptions vendors and those in the community can come to.   It has that taint of political graft by only inviting those who stand to gain some favor in exchange for their “gifts”.

From an etiquette perspective, it is beyond gauche to put “Money Tree Available” on the shower invitation but hey, once the line was crossed with Dad hosting his own daughter’s bridal shower,  Dad’s conscience was seared so badly that justifying his  begging for money was the next step down the road to Ehell perdition.

Gandara should be mortified that he advertised his inability to financially undertake his daughter’s wedding by hosting a shower for her.   Instead he deceives himself into thinking “this is for the community” so they can “share” in his family’s happiness.   It appears this “community” consisted of vendors who do business with the district of Sweetwater and was not open to any old taxpaying resident.   And of course we here at Ehell aren’t fooled one iota by that dissembling claim that guests will be all atwitter with the anticipation of  plugging into some “shared joy” by means of coughing up some cash and material goods for someone they have never met.

Oh, there was some joy happening at that “shower” but it wasn’t what one would expect from the usual bridal shower.   One construction company owner was quite transparent as to why he accepted the invitation….he wanted to network with “other important people there”  and as an afterthought said, “… and I went for the daughter.”   Uh huh…sure you did.

The comments section of this news article is filled with statements from people, obviously not members of the community that were invited to attend this lovely shower, who aren’t buying the justifications and actions of their elected officials.    As well they should.   The next election cycle could very well see a few politicians displaced solely for being tacky beyond belief.

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Jay February 16, 2012 at 3:26 pm

I don’t know if anyone looks at comments on old articles, but this guy was fired, and this incident was specifically named as one of the issues.

Though from reading the article I can deduce that he was making $250k/year, got $400k in severance, and his family runs that town at every level, so I’m sure he’s doing just fine.


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