The Gimme Pigs Are Invading The Earth!

by admin on May 12, 2010


My husband was good friends with Jane and Steve for years. This friendship survived through high school, college, and beyond.

Shortly after DH, myself, and Steve graduate college, Steve and Jane move to another city about an hour away. They lived there for about a year before Steve proposed to Jane, which Jane accepted. We only find out because Steve called DH to tell him. I wondered why Jane hadn’t, because when DH had proposed to me I called my entire cell phone contact list (I hope that wasn’t a faux paus).

So about a month goes by, and then we find out that Steve came home from work to find Jane and her parents packing up all of her belongings!! Turns out, she had been going to visit her parents, not to visit them, but to meet with another guy. She was leaving Steve for him. DH had been friends with Jane before he was really friends with Steve, so although we were shocked, we weren’t going to choose sides. After some time, we finally built a friendship back up with Jane.

Now, to the poor etiquette: Jane and the new guy decide to get married. Jane has a very small, very private ceremony. DH and I didn’t get an invite, but we figured she wanted to keep the guest list down. All was good until we get the wedding announcement, complete with registry information. I couldn’t believe the gall. I was actually trying to find her registry to buy her a gift before it came, but the feeling of obligation made my stomach turn sour. Needless to say, we didn’t purchase a gift.

But the sad thing is? Jane stopped all contact with us a month after we received the announcement. I guess she couldn’t bother with us if we couldn’t fork over a gift. *shrug*   0510-10

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