Bridal Shower Games

by admin on September 11, 2007

Purse Scavenger Hunt – Prepare a list of things commonly and not so commonly found in a purse, like: lipstick, calculator, hair pins, bandaids, etc. 

Guess this utensil – Everyone had a few seconds to look at a basket filled with 10 items and write down as many as they knew. You could not touch the items, only look at them. Some people only knew 1 or 2.It went pretty well.

Toilet Paper Wedding Gowns  – Separate the guests into 3 or 4 groups (depending on how many guests you have). Give each group a couple rolls of toilet paper and instruct them that they have 10-15 min to create a wedding dress out of the toilet paper. (One person in each group will become the model who gets the paper all over them.) After the time is up, judge the dresses. This was A LOT of fun and it gave the guests a chance to get to know each other better and get them into the shower mood!! 

All Pinned Up – Give each guest a clothes pin after everyone has arrived and instruct them to attach it to their pant leg or dress. Then tell them that whenever anyone catches another guest with their legs crossed, they get to take that persons clothes pin away and attach it to themself. (Crossing your feet and crossing your legs while standing also count!) It’s amazing how much of a habit this is. At the end of the shower, whoever has the most clothes pins gets a prize. 

Quickie Marriage Counseling –  Hand each guest a pink square of paper and a yellow piece of paper. Instruct each guest to write a marital problem on the pink piece of paper and the solution to the problem on the yellow piece of paper. Put the pink square in one bowl/basket and the yellow ones in another and mix them up. Have the bride-to-be pick one out of each bowl and read the question and solution out loud to everyone and continue this until all the pieces are read. You get some REALLY funny combinations with this one. 

Bring Your Old Bridesmaid’s Dress – The invitation said, “For those of you who never had the chance to wear your bridesmaid’s dress a second time, now you can. Bring your dress(es) and any and all applicable hats, shoes, gloves, etc, and enter our fashion show.”   The hostesses plan to award prizes for foofiest, worst color, most Victorian, etc. 

What *IS* That? – Have a bunch of numbered baggies with different things found in the kitchen in the bag, like: flour, powdered sugar, corn starch, salt, etc. Have the participants try to identify each substance. They can touch and smell, but can’t taste.

Wedding Bingo – Make up blank bingo cards, have each quest fill in the spaces with what they think the bride-to-be gifts will be. As the giftsare opened the quests mark them off on their cards, when the card is full they win a prize.

Movie Trivia – She has rented several movies and borrowed tapes to television shows that have weddings in them. She used two VCRs and taped just the wedding scenes. She said that she collected about 20. Guests will be asked to identify where the scene came from, who the characters are, and what actors are playing them.

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