I’ll Get You, My Pretty!

by admin on February 25, 2010

I recently got married. It was the most amazing day anyone could ever ask for. Perfect groom, parents, friends and family… MOH on the other hand was a different story.

Because my family is so big, I did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I had decided to ask my closest friends to be in the bridal party. But before I asked them, my mother begged me to put at least one family member in my party just to keep the peace. Reluctantly, I agreed. Because I knew my closest friend whom I was going to ask was going through some personal stuff, I asked my cousin to be my MOH. At the time i thought it would be a great idea b/c we all grew up together and were pretty close (although in the last 2 years we drifted). She, of course, was really happy to step up.

Since my MOH and other 3 friends did not know each other, we had a meet and greet luncheon. Everyone got along with everyone and I was really happy. We talked about ideas etc… By no means was I ever a Bridezilla or even half of one. Throughout the whole planning process, I was very easy going. I told them from the get-go, I’m not expecting anything from anyone, just show up to rehearsal and my house on the day off on time (this comes into play later).

As for their dresses, I say that I don’t care what they wear as long as it’s the same colour/style. I let them agree on it (easy going right?!). Well, that’s when the nightmare starts. My MOH doesn’t want this style or that style and she’s giving the other 3 girls a hard time. A BM can’t take it anymore and lets me know. So I send out a mass email to see what’s going on and MOH starts saying that as a MOH, she has the right to choose whatever style she wants to separate herself from the other girls. I can’t believe what I’m reading so I finally respond by saying, “If you ladies can’t decide, Im going to decide for you.” So a week later we head out. I find gorgeous floor length halter dress (thin straps that you tie at the neck as opposed to the thicker style that you actually have to put your head through) that would go with all their body types. The other 3 are happy with it. MOH makes a face, but doesn’t say anything. They try it on and it looks amazing on them. Later I call MOH and let her know I saw she wasn’t too pleased with it. Her answer? “Nothing really. It’s a beautiful dress, but I’m not sure I can wear it as I get crazy migraines when I wear anything halter”. LIES! This girl had just posted a pic on Facebook of her and a gf at a club with her wearing the exact same halter style shirt. At this point, I’m furious and I tell her that while I’m sorry she gets migraines wearing halters, I’m not changing the style as everyone else is happy. Again she tries the whole angle with I’m the MOH I should wear a different dress from the other girls. I was firm in my decision and she finally said, “Fine”.

Leading up to the months of my wedding, the other 3 girls are calling constantly asking if I need help etc.. VERY sweet, but I had everything under control. Fine.. great! MOH never calls once.

BMs plan my Bachelorette party without telling me details. I show up to the meeting place and everyone is there EXCEPT MOH. I ask where she is and they say she had another commitment. I could tell they didn’t want to say, so I just left it at that. We had an amazing time. Next day I find out that yes she had another commitment alright. It was to go drinking for her friend’s birthday. I was hurt, yes, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin what a great night my friends had planned. I later found out that they had planned my party 2 months out and gave everyone plenty time to make the day available. Out of the 15 people they invited 13 showed up. The MOH and her sister were the only ones who didn’t. –WHATEVER!

Rehearsal dinner went off without a hitch. When everyone was leaving my house, I told them to arrive the day of the wedding no later then 11am for pictures. Everyone agreed. Day of the wedding, 3 girls are there for 10am fully dressed, hair/make done ( I told them to do whatever they wanted), seeing if I needed help etc.. Photographer arrives at 10:30 and starts doing prep pics. 11am passes, no MOH…. 11:30 passes, still no MOH. I’m starting to get a bit nervous. The photographer is asking for group shots. 11:45, I call her cell phone. She had just finished getting her hair done and was on her way. She arrives at 12:15pm. Her hair? just straightened. Nothing fancy that would warrant her to be 1.15 hours late.

We do the picture thing, everything is good. Ceremony is great. We go take pictures, everything was fun. Reception gets underway. DH and I advised whoever would be giving speeches to make it no more then 5 minutes just to stick the the schedule so dinner could start. Everyone was more then happy to keep it short. I should note that MOH kept threatening me with her speech for weeks now, but i just played it off thinking she’s joking. Well, MOH gets up and starts talking and talking, which is fine, till she brings up a very personal story from our childhood that is not meant for a crowd of 150 guests. Very inappropriate and I just about wanted to kill her. There were priests sitting there and if we could hear a pin drop we would. My parents were fuming and just shook their head over at her parents who knew it was wrong. After she was done, she thought she did a marvelous job. She asked, “Did you like it?” I said No! it was rude and inappropriate. She saw I was in near tears and just sat there and pretended I didn’t say it.

The rest of the wedding was beautiful, and no complaints as she was far away from me after dinner doing what she does best…drink! I’m by no way malicious or mean, but if the day ever comes if she get’s married, I’m going to make sure she get’s embarrassed the way she made me feel on my special day. Needless to say, our relationship has never been the same. 0814-09

Sooo, you are already plotting your revenge by becoming and doing exactly what you claimed to despise?

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Aema Elle February 17, 2013 at 8:03 pm

C’mon guys. MOH gave a horrifically embarassing speech on one of the most important days of the Bride’s life. She was angry. She briefly fantasized about returning the favor. Human beings do that. Please stop acting like she spent every waking moment of the next two years plotting to ruin her cousin’s possible future wedding. Your advice about “not being petty” and “don’t become what you despise” is really patronising in this instance. She obviously knows the difference between right and wrong and wasn’t serious. Give people some time to cool down after an ugly situation. If they *don’t* end up calming down or show signs of actually following through on their comments then it’s time to whip out the “don’t become what you despise” advice. She was only recently married at the time of this post. Give a girl some time, y’know?

Also, hyacinth? Your comment about use of the word “whatever” in conversation was really rude. Using colloqualisms does not automatically make one “immature” or “uncultured”. Please try to be a little less judgemental.


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