Your Keychain Doesn’t Lie

by admin on September 28, 2009

Today’s post is on a subject I’ve been loath to discuss for months. When I expound on some tacky business, I always wonder if I am not in some way aiding and abetting a business’s tacky, rude or, in this case, gross crassness by giving them publicity. After all, even bad publicity is still advertising publicity in a culture that too quickly forgives and forgets.

But decent guys out there, pay attention. Because some skanky women out there are carrying around a new tool in their arsenal to deceive their way into marriage. It’s called a “fake engagement ring” by Ms.Taken. The web site advertises that one can “work the room in disguise” to keep the “freaks” at bay lest “they freeze out the real hot prospects.”     “Slip on the ring — a little bright lie that says you’re married to the man of your dreams (whenever he gets here).”

Hmmm….  What kind of woman flaunts a fake diamond ring while she’s “working the room”?  If the product video is any indication, she’s  skanky, course, vulgar, appearance obsessed.   Watching it almost had me laughing out loud because, to be honest,  the crude and  vulgar chicks are not much better than the “freaks” they want to avoid.  On the evolutionary scale, the Ms. Taken babes are the amphibians disdaining the primordial ooze they just crawled out of.    I can’t think of too many kind, honest, decent guys that would be attracted to the kind of woman represented in the product video.

So, thank your lucky stars, guys, that women who are willing to tell bright, little lies can be now be easily identified by their keychain so commit it to memory:

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