Perfect Brides #5, #6 and #7

by admin on July 3, 2009

Number 5 – Our best man recently got married to a lovely girl in Southern California.  We had not met her but spoke through email.  She greeted us warmly at the rehearsal dinner like old friends.  My husband was a co-best man and I got to be the videographer.  All of the bridal party members were a delight to hang around with.  The bridesmaid who was paired with my husband was sweet and would talk to me about various topics throughout the trip.  The ceremony was very moving and sweet.  The bride’s former rabbi had passed away and the couple set up a small memorial for him.  It was very touching.   This bride kept a smile on her face during the early morning set up until the last dance and clean up.  She’s a precious jewel and we’re happy for our best man.   12-18-08

Number 6 – One of my best friends is getting married in a month. The wedding is somewhat nontraditional–there’s no wedding party to speak of, for example, and the ceremony is secular and taking place in a very nice restaurant with a beautiful outdoor garden instead of in a church.

I’m not saying a perfect bride is one who wants her guests to show MORE skin at her wedding; rather, this perfect bride is one who loves and accepts her friends and family for who they are, even if it’ll make for some less-traditional wedding photos!   05-18-09

Because there is no wedding party and I’m most likely her closest female friend, I have been declared the unofficial Maid of Honor. It’s the first wedding I’ve been in, and basically, I get to show up and participate in their amazing ceremony, but can wear whatever I want and my behavior isn’t dictated by tradition, although of course I volunteer to help every chance I get. At first I was relieved, but then dress shopping started to really stress me out: I am heavily tattooed, but work in a conservative field, and thus by default, I cover my tattoos at pretty much any occasion more formal than the gym. Especially for a wedding I am in, I wouldn’t dream of letting it all hang out, and not just because I’ve read those Bridezilla stories in which the bride freaks out over things like the bridal party’s hair color not matching! But since it’s a summer wedding, I can’t exactly show up in a cardigan, and finding a long-sleeved, higher-cut dress that isn’t a dark neutral was turning out to be a wreck; I was practically in tears, since I can barely put together an outfit as it is and was petrified of embarrassing her or her fiance in some way.

Finally I went to the bride, who is extremely stylish and good at shopping, for advice and said, “I am having the worst time here because I can’t find a way to cover all my tattoos.” Her response was, verbatim, “Why would you do that?” She then picked out a number of jaw-droppingly beautiful dresses, all of which were sleeveless, and we settled on an amazing gold brocade strapless number that I think I would wear every day if I could.

Number 7 – I had the pleasure of being in my sorority sister and past roommate’s wedding. It was beautiful and she was an amazing bride. There were three BMs who all got along perfectly all helped out with her showers equally. We had several excursions to help her pick out items for her wedding, including her shoes, veil, our dresses, etc. Each time we went out she treated us to lunch as a “thank-you.”

When we finally found a dress we all loved she looked at the price tag and said there was no way she would ask us to spend that kind of money. (The dress was a Nicole Miller that looked fabulous on all three of us but cost over $300.)    We insisted we did not mind paying for a dress for her. As we started looking for shoes and jewelry she wouldn’t let us pay for either.

The day of the wedding comes and the MOB picks up the bill for all our hair, make-up and nails. The MOB was awesome too! To top it all off, they paid for all three BM and our SO to stay in the B&B where the wedding was. And took us out to breakfast the morning after.  That is a family who should teach people how to throw a wedding!  10-14-08



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