Perfect Brides #4

by admin on July 2, 2009

I’d like to nominate my daughter for “Perfect Bride.”  My son-in-law was also a “Perfect Groom.”
My DD and her DH paid for the wedding and the rehearsal dinner themselves, planning two lovely evenings within a reasonable budget. (The sole exceptions were her dress and bridal veil, which I was honored to offer to purchase for her.)  Their vision always focused on the comfort and pleasure of their guests, rather than on some unrealistic notion of what “their day” should be.  Etiquette Hell served as their guide, and no trace of a Bridezilla ever reared its head.
Only one glitch occurred, when their venue had to cancel close to the wedding date.  (Their party boat lost access to its dock.)  They handled the mishap calmly, waiting until the last minute to rebook a venue, as they didn’t want to deprive the boat owner of business if possible.  At the reception, the happy couple circulated among all their guests, warmly welcoming everyone.  They sent their thank you notes promptly.
I realize that there is nothing truly unusual here, but I was very proud of my gracious daughter and her wonderful groom.  My DD reads EHell faithfully, so I hope she sees this and knows what a perfect wedding they shared with all of us.  11-30-08

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