How Not To Behave At Your Shower

by admin on September 28, 2010

The bride is a good friend of mine. She is usually such a sweet girl which is why I was so surprised at her behavior over gift-getting.

First, at the engagement party, she complained that guests had given her gifts from her registry instead of cash. (The nerve of some people, giving an actual GIFT!) Then, at the bridal shower, she and her mother proceeded to insult the (admittedly ugly) gift of a casual work acquaintance (who, mercifully, had left before gift-opening began) by holding it up and exclaiming to the circle of ladies, “What the f**k is THIS?” Her mother then got in on the act, rhetorically asking, “I told her where (bride) was registered; why didn’t she get something off of the list?” There was another random and strange gift that the bride complained about, until her aunt finally spoke up said something to the effect of, “Are you going to complain about my gift after I leave too?”

Finally, as the wedding date approaches, the bride keeps reminding me, my husband, and everyone else she comes into contact with that she still really, really wants MONEY for the wedding and hopes she gets more envelopes than gifts this time! 0108-09

I witnessed a bride at her shower open numerous gifts that were apparently not from her registry. She opens yet another gift and exclaims, “Finally! Something from my registry!”

And by the way, I always coached my brides to never say, “How interesting!”, after opening a gift they clearly did not want. The phrase is code for, “What an ugly thing. Who would ever get me something like this?” Instead focus on the intent of the giver to bless you, even if it happens to be the most gawd awful piece of tackiness ever seen by man.

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