A Thoughtful Gift Thoughtlessly Rejected With Gimme Pig Style

by admin on June 21, 2013

What started as a question over a receipt for a wedding present, spiraled into a row of Bridezilla proportions.

A Canadian couple found themselves at the wrong end of a same sex couple’s wrath after they gave the newlyweds what they thought was a thoughtful wedding basket of food with a card which read: “Life is delicious”.

Unfortunately for them, the brides were none too impressed with the gift with one asking to see the receipt stating she was gluten intolerant.

What transpires next is a Bridezilla moment of epic proportions as the gift givers and the brides get into a heated email exchange that can be read HERE.

Long story short,  guests gave the newlyweds a wedding gift of a wicker picnic basket filled with some nice food items.   Newlyweds did not appreciate this gift and wrote a condescending rebuke that the next time these two guests go to a wedding, a cash envelope is the acceptable gift and that the newlyweds “lost out on $200 covering you and your dates plate… And got fluffy whip and sour patch kids in return. ”

The offending gift…


Boyfriend of the giftgiving couple retaliates with, “Laura, the message you sent to me today was by far the most inconsiderate, immature, greedy, and asinine thing I have ever had the displeasure of seeing.”

He goes on to tell her that he has done a lot of research on wedding etiquette which is something the brides have clearly skipped over.

Outraged bride Laura responded: “Out of 210 people at a wedding … The only I gift I got from all (sic) was yours … And fluffy whip and sour patch kids.”

But the depths of bad manners was reached with this parting shot by one of the brides…

“Your Facebook message had nothing to do with the gift. Weddings are to make money for your future. Not to pay for peoples meals. Do more research. People haven’t gave gifts since like 50 years ago! But thanks again for the $30 gift basket my wife can’t even eat.”

“Weddings are to make money for your future?”  Oh, really?   Have we heard that before on Ehell?  Why, yes.  Yes, we have…by greedy gimme pigs who exploit the serious business of a wedding to extract as much cash as possible from friends, family and co-workers in a not-so-clever money making scheme.     Gee, I thought a wedding was the serious sealing of a commitment or covenant to one another for, hopefully, the rest of each other’s lives.   But maybe that marriage covenant is only meant to last until the wedding funds give out and then it’s time to either renew vows to refresh the cash flow or dump the now useless partner to find another co-conspirator in the newest wedding cash scheme.

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