Towel Cake By Any Other Name Is Still Made Up Of Towels

by admin on June 18, 2013

A friend of mine went to a wedding a few weeks ago to a coworker of her husband. The groom, who works with my friend’s husband, comes from a wealthy family and so does the bride. The wedding was extravagant and everything involved was pricey. For their gift to the couple, my crafty friend bought pricey towels from the gift registry and constructed a towel cake. It looked fantastic in the pictures she took of the final project.

This past week, the groom brings in the towel cake to work and gives it to my friend’s husband saying that they don’t do crafty decorations in their home and could they (friend and husband) return it for something more useful. My friend’s husband proceeded to tell the groom that the gift was towels from the registry and that they only had to take out the pins and decorations to use them. The explanation was lost on the groom and he left the gift on the desk and said he would be back for the new gift later.

My friend and her husband are upset but have no idea what to do. Keep the towels? Disassemble the ‘cake’ and repackage the towel in a box? Give them something else? We all have our opinions here at work but no idea what is a proper response. 0617-13

I would undo the towel cake and fold the towels into a stack.   When the groom came to retrieve the “new gift”, he can choose to take the towels home with him or reject the towels.   If he does the latter, there is no second “new” gift to replace the one he has rejected.

How to make a towel cake…I prefer to use rubber bands to hold the “layer” rolled together and then cover with a 2-3″ ribbon.

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Dutchie81 June 29, 2013 at 8:14 am

Is it just me or has the groom already gone past a point of no return.

Refusing a gift, which is what he has done, is in my view absolutely unforgivable. It would make me feel that he no longer values a continued relationship and whatever kind of relationship I had with that person would have come to an end.

He refused your gift, you can take it back and do with it as you please. That is simply the end of it. Over my dead body would I go through the trouble of unpinning and refolding the towels to present it to him again and by doing so validating his actions.

You mentioned he came from a wealthy family which just shows you manners can’t be bought…


DanaJ July 4, 2013 at 5:34 pm

I think the correct response would be:

“Dear, Jack and Jill,

I am sorry the towels we got from your gift registry did not meet your expectations. Rest assured your registry gift will be put to good use: they have been donated in your name to a homeless shelter where there is always a great need for towels and other linens.”

If applicable you can add that they will be the recipients of the tax receipt.


DanaJ July 5, 2013 at 10:22 am

The correct response sould be as follows:

“Dear, Jack and Jill,

I am sorry if the towels we bought from your gift registry did not meet your expectations. However, you can rest assured that your registry gift will still be used and go to a good cause: the towels have been donated in your name to the ______ Homeless Shelter where there is always a great need.

Than you for allowing us to join you on your special day. ”

If applicable, you can add that the tax receipt will be issued to them.


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