Buyer Beware – Delivery of Photo Album

by admin on December 6, 2007

“Shipment of PhotoFred’s hand assembled, ART LEATHER albums is ordinarily made within 7-10 weeks after receipt of the order. Custom library bound LEATHER CRAFTSMEN albums are ordinarily made 10-12 weeks after receipt of the order.”

It seems like an innocuous contract clause whereby the vendor is stating the perimeters of delivery so that the client has realistic expectations, doesn’t it?   But I first encountered this contract clause reading an online forum on wedding photography marketing.  According to a well respected photography marketing guru, this contract clause is used to specifically address the belief that anything worth top dollar is quality work and quality work takes time to achieve.  It simply does not take the Art Leather manufacturer this long to ship out any of their albums and most photographers report that Art Leather ships within 4 weeks regardless of whether the bridal consumer paid $500 or $4500 for their completed albums.  Essentially, the consumer is being made to wait much longer than is necessary for their albums because the photographer wants to preserve the idea that quality takes time to achieve thus justifying their higher prices.  The long delivery time frame benefits the photographer, not the consumer. 

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