Buyer Beware! “Take Two!”

by admin on November 21, 2007

If, at your wedding, you hear your videographer say the following, “Lets do that again so I can get another angle..” or….”Okay, this is Hollywood now, take two!” and does it with big smile as if the request were an intentional filming direction, beware. Your videographer may have missed filming that portion of your wedding or reception by either “double clutching” (hitting the record button twice), battery failure, equipment failure or having his attention diverted elsewhere. Admittance of a mistake could look bad for the videographer hence the deception in getting you to willingly recreate shots he missed. If the portions missed mean a great deal to you, reshoot them as directed but negotiate some goodies to compensate for your time being used to cover the videographer’s mistakes. A few extra copies of the video¬†or an added “honeymoon” section to your tape should be sufficient.

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