Nominee For The Worst Wedding Rug Rat Ever?

by admin on September 7, 2010

Back in 2006 my best friend, Sarah, went with her then boyfriend Ryan to the wedding of his first cousin, John, to his fiance Mary. The wedding was being held at the home of Ryan’s aunt and uncle who were the parents of the groom. The ceremony was to be in their garden and the reception also outside behind the house.  It was a very large old house with balconies and a wrought iron fence around the grounds. The whole affair was apparently really classy but intimate, with only family and close friends attending. Ryan had warned Sarah in advanced that there was some tension between the bride and her sixteen-year-old daughter Ella and it might come up in the wedding. Two days before the wedding it had come out the Ella had been involved with an older boy she knew from school. Mary and John didn’t approve of this guy, as he was over twenty and still in high school and known to be involved with drugs. Ella was told she had to break it off. Apparently Ella had refused and ran off to stay with her grandmother, the mother-of-the-bride. There was some concern Ella might not even come to the wedding and the whole family was aware of the situation. They had even gotten the groom’s sister to try on Ella’s dress in case she refused to come.

Ella did arrive with her grandmother and was maid of honor. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. Ella seemed polite and decent with everyone, though apparently she was overheard to make some snide comments about her mother’s white dress (the bride had been married twice before and obviously had a child) and said the groom was too much younger than her. All was well until the reception. According to the mother of the groom, Ella approached her and asked if she could say a few words (she was supposed to give a toast but they had decided against it as she was too young to drink and there wasn’t a suitable non-alcoholic substitute for champagne) from the second-story balcony that overlooked where the reception was being held. She said it would make it easier to see her as she was very petite.

Ella went up to the balcony, which was off the guest room. She locked the guest room door. The mother of the groom gave her a cordless microphone and paused the music, saying the maid of honor was going to speak. And speak she did. Ella addressed all the guests, her voice carrying loudly even after her mic was cut.

She started off with, “I just wanted to tell you a little bit about the couple who’ve gotten married today…”

Then came the revelations. It sounds like a bad television show plotline.

1. That Mary had slept with John’s brother. (The groom’s sister later told Sarah this was true but that it happened three years before the wedding and John knew about it, the bride’s mother on the other hand said it was completely untrue.)

2. That Mary had had an abortion two months before the wedding so she’d “fit into her dress”. (The groom’s mother and sister said this happened, the bride and groom themselves said it didn’t.)

3. That Mary had repeatedly lied to Ella about who her father was before admitting she didn’t know. (Everyone admitted this was true.)

4. That John and Mary had gotten involved while Mary was still married to her second husband and John was dating someone else. (Everyone already knew about this, even some second and third cousins who didn’t know about the situation with Ella.)

5. That John had paid for the wedding with money from his company he’d embezzled illegally. (Completely untrue and Ella even admitted that but said she wanted to get John fired as his boss was in attendance.)

The entire time the whole wedding party was trying to get Ella to stop talking. They cut the power her mic and attempted to go upstairs and pull her inside. There were later rumors that they had tried to drown her out with music but that the mother of the groom had turned off the music equipment and sent the DJ inside to eat and no one could figure out how to get it on. Mary apparently still feels the mother of the groom had been an accomplice in Ella’s plan.

As far as I know, Mary and John are still married, though I don’t know that happened. Ella was pulled out of public  school after her little stunt and sent to a really strict Christian girls school even though neither Mary, John, or Ella are practicing Christians. I really don’t know how Mary could overcome her daughter doing something like that and I imagine there’s still a lot of tension in that family.   1017-08

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Arlene November 16, 2012 at 8:19 pm

If the girl lied about the embezzlement, who’s to say she didn’t lie about a few of the other things as well? My daughter (14) likes to bring up things that happened 10 years ago that I am deeply ashamed of. We have gotten therapy, I have apologized numerous times for all of it, I’ve tried to be a better mother and give her a better life, and yet I am still publicly embarrassed at her pleasure and treated like the enemy. The most recent time happened in front of her boyfriend, and I finally lost it and unloaded on her, asking her why she couldn’t just move on when I’d tried so hard to atone and fix things for 1o long years. She said that she still had problems with it. I told her that if she continued to live in the past from a 4 year old’s perspective, then she was not entitled to the perks I’d been giving her as a mature young woman. I have taken a far more firm hand with her, and now we get along much better. Am I still the villain? Probably. But now she actually treats me like a human. There IS such a thing as too much atonement, and hurting people for petty revenge is something teens do on occasion. Mary might have made a few mistakes, but I hardly think that’s gallows-worthy. I also don’t think this girl was “overlooked” in favor of the boyfriends (I had several and my daughter ALWAYS came first in my mind), and the grandmother being in on the plot is very easy to believe. My father, who spoiled my daughter rotten, is now reaping what he has sown, as I have chosen to let her live with him, of her own request and his. Overall, our home is far more peaceful, which is important for my young son. She gets to see her friends, and Dad gets his favorite grandchild close by. Am I slighting her in some way? No. She is an important part of my life, and someone I would never deliberately try to hurt. Do I love her? Yes. Do I trust her judgement? Yes. Do I trust her to make a speech about me in public? Hell no. It’s just common sense.


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