A Perfect Bride

by admin on April 15, 2008

I had the opportunity last fall to observe, firsthand, a composed and properly focussed bride in the midst of what could have been a bridezilla opportunity.

The occasion was the 2007 Cape Fear Kite Festival at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  The beachfront hotel was full of kite enthusiasts from the East Coast and the beach front property was a happy conglomeration of stunt kite competitions, displays of huge and colorful show kites, children running everywhere with little kites in tow and loud speakers announcing upcoming events.  The hotel is designed that access to the beach is through a pool area and funnels through a boardwalk that is not very wide.  Once on the sand,  there was a kite vendor’s tents to the left and a tent for children to decorate paper kites on the right.  You had to pass both of these to gain greater access to the beach.

Yet, surprisingly, just past the kids’ tent farther to the right was a wedding arch and a few chairs set up.  Clearly there was a wedding afoot!  My first thought was that a few of the kite festival participants were going to have a kite themed wedding but I was wrong.  I came across the bride and a few of her attendants in the lobby waiting to process to her ceremony which meant walking through the pool area, through that boardwalk funnel which at that time of day was crowded with people coming and going and finally past the vendor and kid tents to this tiny wedding arch set up on the beach.  This was not going to be a romantic, quiet, or even remotely private  beach wedding ceremony.

After congratulating her, I asked her, “I guess you didn’t anticipate a huge kite festival happening during your wedding ceremony, did you?”  She replied, “No, I didn’t but everyone with the kite festival has been so nice.  Besides, the important thing is that I am getting married.”

WOW! I wondered right then and there if she was an EHellion but moments before her processional was not the time to ask her.  I wished her further joy and went before her to alert everyone on the boardwalk to have a heads up because a young bride was about to process to her wedding on this very path. 

The photos of the wedding appear on the 2007 Cape Fear Kite Festival’s web site at http://www.capefearkitefestival.com/gallery.asp# Gallery 1.  I wish I could link to some of the photos but the way the site is set up, I cannot access individuals photos. 

So, if that bride was an EHellion and reads this, yes, that was me in the denim dress and yellow sun hat talking to you just before your wedding.  Kudos to you for having the best possible attitude about your wedding.

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