Wedding Day Emergency Kit

by admin on September 4, 2007

This is a list of everything I carry in my Emergency Kit to weddings.  I use a large storage box to lug this stuff around but you won’t need everything I have if you have hired a competent coordinator.  Asterisked items are things everyone should have for a basic emergency kit. 

Portable steamer
Flower clippers and wire cutters
Bug spray
*Needle and thread
Wig tape (double sided)
* 3 colors of Duct Tape (at least one color) – It can be used for anything from hemming bridesmaid dresses to marking where attendants stand.
*Scotch tape
Double sided tape
Auto buttoner with white/black/brown fasteners
Silk rose petals
Sample ceremonies
Bed sheet for faux train – This is actually used during the rehearsal to help the maid of honor get comfortable adjusting the train.
*Safety pins
Straight pins
*Corsage pins
Extra white buttons
*Clear nail polish
White-out – Covers a multitude of stains on white shoes and dresses
*Tide Quickie stain remover pen
*Breath mints
*Hair pins/bobby pins
*Hair spray
*Bottled water, chilled – I keep a few bottles chilled in a small cooler ever since an indoor wedding where three bridesmaids nearly fainted from the heat of the stage lights on the large stage area of the church.
*Extra panty hose
Extra knee highs
Extra garter
*Hand lotion
Extension cords (regular and heavy duty)
Power strip
Leatherman Multi Tool
Screwdriver, hammer
Adhesive back Velcro
*Emory board
*Nail clippers
Black shoe laces
Disposable toothbrushes
White terry cloth bib – I have a big one for adults. Covers the bride while she eats or drinks prior to the ceremony
CDs of Wedding ceremony music and reception music (both special music and dance)
Black socks
Chalk – great for marking where attendants stand during ceremony

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